Selling Textbooks

Name your price, drop it off, and we’ll take care of the rest.

1. Fill out listing form

Let us know what you’d like to sell (and for how much) and when you’d like to drop-off the items.

Textbook Stand is free for sellers, but we do add a few dollars to the public sale price, which goes to cover costs (such as tax) and support the future of this project.

List your items & Schedule drop-off
2. Drop-off on the Ave

Drop off your items at the scheduled time.

Write your UW email on a sticky note and place it on (or lightly pencil directly on) the inner front cover of the textbook, so that our team will be able to identify your items.

The confirmation email will include a link to your listed items, so that you’ll still be able to sell via Facebook groups.

We’ll email you again when your items are sold.

Contact us with any questions
3. Get paid

If your items have been sold, congratulations! The notification email will include details on how you’ll receive your payment.¬†Typically, all sellers will be paid via email during the second week of the quarter (when almost all buying and selling activities end). Exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis.

If your items were not sold, the notification email will list out details on how to either
1) allow Textbook Stand to hold on to it and try selling it again the following quarter, or
2) arrange a time for you to pick-up the unsold items.

Thank you for supporting the Textbook Stand project by Awemore!

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Can I still sell my items on Facebook?

Yes! After we process the items you dropped off (within a business day or two), we’ll send you a link to all of your items, which is perfect for posting in Facebook buy & sell groups.

We’re here to make your selling process easier, not to move you to a different platform.

Where is the drop-off location?

At Mail Etc, which is a mailing services store on the Ave.

Please schedule an appointment via to let Mail Etc’s staff know when to expect you.

The store’s address can be found in the appointment confirmation email. It’s two storefronts away from Memo’s, and here’s the link to Google Streetview:

Once I'm there for my appointment, how do I drop-off the item?

Just walk in to Mail Etc and let the staff know that you’re dropping it off for the Textbook Stand. The staff will double check that you’ve posted your UW email on the item, so that our team will be able to identify your item and contact you if we have any questions.

Then you’re good to go! The whole process should take less than 5 minutes.